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Triacastela - all downhill and still painful - To the end of the world

Triacastela – all downhill and still painful

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I left O Cebreiro at around 8am, having ripped open the wound on my finger tying my shoelaces, and having to clean up the place after I covered it in blood. The first half of the day was up and down hill, not really changing altitude.

It was still really foggy and cold, and I stopped at a bar around 8km in to grab a hot coffee and some food. The second half was more or less going down hill

I passed a few villages on the way. And since I had put so much load on the right foot to give the hurting left foot a break, that one started up hurting like the left did in the first week. I went a few more km, and sat down at around 11km into the walk to bandage the foot with ibuprofen Creme and a stretch bandage.

I was limping downhill for a while, till I hit the ascend to the last peak, which was quite something. Everybody had this smile on their first painful looking face when they made the last step up the hill. Most of us took a short break at the restaurant on top.

On the way down I passed another group of pilgrims going the opposite way. Though they did not seem to care much about us, and I actually climbed a wall to let them pass. Their horns were kinda intimidating.

The rest of the day was downhill. And I mean really downhill. I quickly realized that running was better than walking so I basically ran down the rest of the way.

The city was finally in site, and the hope of a Farmacia as well. I got a bed at a nice private Albergue, and ran into Francesco at the ATM. We had lunch together and were joined by Kelly from Canada. I got texts from Hunter, Prescilla and Brenda that they would be hitting town, so we moved in to another bar, where Rebecca and the American girl were waiting for us. We had a nice dinner and then had to run for our Albergue curfew.

I hope that the support I got at the Farmacia will help for the right foot, cause it would really suck if on the last 140km both feet would go down with tendinitis.

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