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Adress collection of places where you can get the Pilgrimspassport

Where to get the Pilgrims passport

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Last updated on 09/22/2020

The Credencial del Peregrino is probably the most important piece of equipment for your pilgrimage. It is your ticket to most hostels on the way as well as the proof of your pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago.

On your way you will collect sellos (stamps), which which will entitle you to stay in an Albergue (the pilgrims only hostels), if there is space that is.

You will also need this passport to prove that you have walked the last 100km (or 200km by bike or horse) to receive La Compostela, the certificate of accomplishment that you can get in Santiago de Compostela upon completion of your pilgrimage.

Below is a list of some, not all, places where you can get your pilgrims passport.

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