León – Rest day – Spa time

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I started the walk to León at 6am. There were only very few other pilgrims out, and it was even colder then yesterday. I got breakfast in the next town, and continued with the sun slowly rising in my back.

The second half was tough, and I think I will grab a taxi tomorrow to drive me the 4K to the nearest public hospital to finally get the foot checked out. I can handle the pain, but it just makes it so much harder.

In León I took a stroll around and had breakfast in the restaurant in my Hotel. I have booked an inexpensive Hotel, that I am sharing with Martin, which actually has a Spa area!!! For what ever reason it is closed tomorrow, but I had a wonderful hour in a hot tub, Turkish sauna and a pool. Wow, that felt so good!

A lot of us had made it to León and we had many of them come together to have dinner together. Someone must have split and forgot to pay, so I ended up taking the rest of the bill with 108€ left. Still was a great night.

And tomorrow is all about slowness and getting a couple of things done…

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