New Backpack and x-rays

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So today I bought a new backpack, which is a lot lighter than the old one. I was debating this for a while, and today I found that the aluminum frame had poked a hole into the fabric, and It looked like it was not really balanced anymore.

After I finally went to the hospital. A few hours of realizing my Spanish won’t do for this, and I was sent in to a wonderful young doctor who did speak a little Englisch. They quickly asked how many km I had already walked, and while shaking their heads, and pointing at my blisters, I think I heard the words “peregrinos” and “loco” in a sentence once or twice.

They sent me to the X-ray room, and I was supposed they did not give me one of those led aprons. The Diagnose was simple: nothing broke, but you have a bad Tendinitis. “And we as doctors advise you to quit, or at least stop for a couple of days” 🥲

She explained that if I keep on my pain will get worse, and there is nothing she can do, but advise rest. And then she looked at me, and I saw the “you pilgrims are crazy” look in her face, when she said: “If you do go on, you cannot cause any permanent damage. And you could alternate pain meds too. An ibuprofen every 8h and in between, after 4h, an paracetamol, if you really have to.”

I had hoped for a quick fix, but at least I know now, that I won’t break it permanently by continuing. And if the pain gets too much I can still medicate or rethink it.

In the evening, Martin, Hunter and I met for a wonderful dinner, and Hunter and I closed down a few more bars. This gave me strength and I extended my Stay in León by a day and will continue my journey the day after tomorrow.

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