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Pamplona is beautiful and has so much to be discover… Even though I stayed in bed till almost 11am, and tried to take it slow, I ended up walking all over Pamplona once again. After a short Siesta, stores and most other places close between 1pm and 5pm in Spain, eating fresh bread Chorizo and Queso and having a cerveza in my room, I packed all the stuff I sorted out last night and brought it to the post office to send home.

3kg and 40 Euros lighter, I spent the rest of the day looking for a cheap replacement of the fleece jacket I sent home, and at the end of the day discovered that there was a shopping district in the part I had not seen yet. Another 4km of walking and I found a nice light sweater which should do the job.

I met Sammantha for dinner, who also came in yesterday, and was so frustrated, she sent her backpack home got a new one, and was about to buy new shoes as well. Those double layer anti blister socks, really paid of for me, and I think she will try to get some tomorrow, as her feet were really hurt after the first two days.

Even though I probably should have relaxed more, the picture above really sums up Pamplona for me.

From the super nice old men that ran after me to bring me my bread and cheese, the jogger that went out of his way to see if I was lost, meeting Hunter again, and just all the nice people and impressions I will take with me in my heart!

Pamplona 100% ❤️

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