Tapas and Sangria

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What a great night out with Hunter, my brother from another mother! What an awesome dude. We ran into each other on the way to Roncesvalles, he was pushing a baby stroller with his backpacks, and had done so all the way over the Pyrenees!!!!

There are some really interesting stories behind his trip, and he, like myself, is searching for a spiritual connection from the inside out on this Camino. The stroller is part due to a torn meniscus, and in remembrance of a boy, who left this world way to early, at the age of ten.

We both love photography, food and the same music and have connected on very open and honest level, what an incredible night!

I think we drank around 7 pitchers of Sangria that night, and since he brought his camera gear, spent a couple of hours after we had closed down the bar, chasing the lights and colors of Pamplona at night.

I took these with my phone, I am sure Hunter had been able to capture that wonderful spirit of Pamplona at night much better.

Must have been a wonderful picture for people passing by, two old guys running through the streets at night like little kids. I even served as living tripod for a couple of shots, sitting on the middle of the road, holding my breath and hunter placing the camera on my head 🤪 which we had a picture of that 😂

All in all it was an incredible night, I wish Hunter all the best and that he will find what he is looking for on the Camino.

Buen Camino my friend!

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