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Burgos - a terrible walk - To the end of the world

Burgos – a terrible walk

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After a great meal at the Comosapiens in Atapuerca with Floris, whom I had met on day one, I had a good start this morning. Waited for the Panadería to open and got a bread for the way.

It was cold, very foggy but I had a good speed till I hit the first hill. A 2km climb…

After that it was a beautiful view on the fog slowly disappearing in the village below.

After a quick breakfast 6km into the daily stretch, the scenery changed abruptly. The picturesque villages and fields were replaced by industrial sites. It was horrible hike next to highways, a Bridgestone tire plant and many others. I entered the city through not the nicest looking part of town. Apparently I had not taken the “left road” everybody had been talking about all day, that would have gone by the river.

So I finally got to the old town and the municipal Albergue. I got a bed and was happy, tough it did remind me of the worst summer camp experience ever 😉

It is a nice and clean place though, and I am happy I got a bed. As it Get’s harder and harder to get an place with the covid restrictions.

I met another really tired pilgrim, and then met-up with Floris again. We went to a mall and got me some cheap sandals in hope that it will ease the pain. I totally lost track of time, and the concept of weekdays and weekends, so I was surprised that shopping in Burgos on a Saturday proofed to be quite difficult.

We had a Camino beer and one of the best dinners yet. I still need to go to the hospital to have my foot checked out, maybe there is a quick fix like a cortisone shot. Will try to do that tomorrow, as Floris has booked a room for us at a place 20k outside of town, so I am not in a hurry to get out tomorrow.

Met Santiago again today, the guy from South Africa, that oiled my feet, but we lost him on the way to dinner, which was one of the best so far.

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