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A real rest day - To the end of the world

A real rest day

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After a long night with my bro Hunter, I sent home the tent, sleeping mat and the old backpack. Went back to the hotel, put my foot on two pillows and stayed in bed for most of the day, till I had another reservation for the Hotel spa. Used the spa time to go back between sauna and the ice bucket. So I hope my foot appreciates the care day, and will carry me those last 300km.

Walked around a bit after my spa time, and got some long pants and a jacket, as it is getting quite cold at nights and in the morning. I think I should be good for the upcoming climbs. Till we get to the Cruz de Ferro the highest point of our way at almost 1500m above sea level.

Off now to probably one of the last dinners with my bro Hunter for a while, as he will take of doing some power stretches, where as I will have to take it slow to not stress the foot to bad, since I do hope it will carry me to the end of the world after all.

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