Villafranca montes de oca

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Barley made the 13km today. It was cold, windy, I had no sleep and at 6am one of the yesterday’s roommates decided to turn on the light and make everyone get up. We did not find breakfast till Villafranca, so it was a rough day.

The walk was unspectacular, only real realization was I should get some paracetamol at the next Farmacia, as supposedly that is not as harmful as taking 2 Ibuprofen a day.

I will try to go see a doctor in Burgos about the foot. I feel good, and the body is adjusting to the daily walks, but that foot is just really killing me. Got my first Blisters, which are not as bad, but I guess Camino feet will get some blisters along the way…

Tomorrow I will walk another 20 again, and should be in Burgos the day after.

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