Halfway to Santiago!!!!!

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The day started out great. After a wonderful dinner with Garry his wife Susan and of course Martin, Maggie was recovering in our room, with laughter tears – a lot of tears – and just pure love. We met for breakfast at 7am with Garry and Susan again.

Before we started walking into a beautiful sunset, Garry told us about a Halfway compostela. A certificate of having come past the half way point between Saint-Jean-Pied de Port and Santiago de Compostela. Maggie and I were excited to get it.

We passed the Hobbit Shire on our way 😂, and had breakfast in a really nice place. The kitten there fell in love with me, and I have to admit I with her. But she did not fit in my backpack, unless I would have ditched the water, and then both of us would not have made it 😉

Maggie had three breakfasts, getting her protein level back on track, and reall looked a lot better after. So we continued our journey to Sahagún.

We caught up with Martin about 2k out of Sahagún at a nice rest area, where we saw a couple of familiar faces. Her Grandpa was sitting in a public grill, and when he offered her some nuts, it almost looked like she was seasoning him to get a good bbq going 😂

Martin stayed a bit longer, but we wanted that certificate and lunch. On our way out we passed these two statues that reminded me of the first gate to the southern Oracle in the never ending story. The two sphinxes that, in the movie, don’t let you pass if you don’t feel your own worth. They did let me pass, so thank you Camino!

We got to town, and a rooster carted out just when we passed the first building. The next couple of hundred meters seems like a ghost town, and we were wondering, wether that rooster was telling the locals – possibly zombies – that new victims were entering the town.

We got closer to the center and found our way to the original de tourism. They gave us a map and told us where to get our credential: the pricing de cultura in the public library.

On the way we stopped to smell every flower and finally got this certificate!

We knew that today was half of the way, but having a pice of paper in your hand that documented that, made us jump and feel so incredibly happy!

We celebrated way to long with Martin and Floris, and when we left, Maggie and I took two alternative routes of the Camino, it was already 3pm and we both had around 10k to go! The last couple of km I went back to singing cause it felt they were never ending.

I went to the first Albergue I saw asked for a bed, and when I only a private room for 28€ was left I took it with content and a feeling of utter happiness! Wow, half time. What a wonderful, magical and strange trip this has been so far! Looking forward to more!

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