Rabanal del Camino

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Since that outdoor store was closed on Thursdays, I waited till 10:30 till it opened. And they even had shoes in my size! I tried 3 pairs, and decided to go with the low maintenance one of my top 2. the other one was all leather, and this probably not really a shoe for the Camino.

When I stepped outside it started to rain real hard. Since it was already noon, I started my walk out of town anyway. I was soaking wet in seconds. But the foot was holding up, and the pain was still not too bad.

I walked out of the city in the continuing rain, and even though the rain poncho is supposed to keep you dry, you also start sweating a lot under it, so in no time your are drenched.

Not only because of the rain, the walk was just exhausting. It quickly became a constant ascent of not more than 3%, but you do start to feel it.

I had a Cerveza y Lemon and my queso and chorizo at Santa Catalina de Somoza, and I have to say that knife, fork and spoon combo is really sharp. I cleanly cut part of the tip of my finger off. Be my first attempt of a bandage did not hold long. Soon the blood was dripping down my arm, but in the constant rain I did not want to stop to improve the bandage.

After a real tiring walk, that felt much longer than it was, I finally got to Rabanal del Camino. As they did not have a washing machine, or even more important a dryer, and hand washing and hanging it up in this humidity would not really get my cloth dry for tomorrow’s walk, I decided to hang the wet cloth in my room, hoping it would at least not be soaking anymore by tomorrow.

Since the last couple of days all had rain I. The afternoon and evening, I really needed to get my laundry done, this I planned to go to Ponferrada the next day, and treat my self to an laundromat.

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