Astorga – the mind is stronger then the body

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So another 27km stretch done. I noticed, that ever since I found out that I could not permanently damage my foot, I can control the pain much better. It kind of felt like I could tell the foot, whenever it started to act up, to shut it, and carry me up that next hill.

Started out next to the road again, but once I got to Hospital de Orbigo, where the two routes reunited, it got a lot quieter and prettier again. Hunter and Floris had told me they would be staying there, but I knew it was way to early for them to ask them to have breakfast together. So I got my coffee, zumo de naranja y un croissant. Then Hunter texted me, and we agreed to meet further down the road.

When I found out that at the end of town the routes were splitting again, I decided to walk that detour of 1.2km to drop the sleeping mat of with Hunter, as he just walks so much faster then I. Stopped by his Albergue, and hey Floris was staying in the same place, and both of them treated me at the door.

I dropped of the sleeping mat and headed out on the Camino once again. The sun was slowly coming up, and at the end of town I ran into Andree from Canada. So I guess I am not that far behind the others, after taking two rest days in León.

The last part of the Meseta walks, we’re real Meseta again. Dusty and hot. But it was a good walk. A Canadian women I had met the day before caught up with me, and we walked a couple of km together till the next resting point.

We attended our feet, and I took of to get to Astorga as soon as possible, to still get a bed. There was another fairly big climb, but by now my legs just walk up these hills, without complaining.

From the top one could already see the cathedral, though it was still more than 4km to walk. On the way down I ran into Susan and Gary, which was such a happy reunion, and to the Guitar music of a street musician we walked down to San Justo de la Vega.

I stopped for a beer and to attend to my feet again, and took of to Astorga, where Hunter was texting me from and already ordered me a beer. There was a last steep climb to get into Astorga and after having a beer Martin walked by.

I helped Martin book some train tickets so he could catch up with Maggie again, and we had lunch together. I will go look for some shies now, cause I think the mountains and rain, are not the best combination for my sandals. – and just found out what „Jueves descanso“ means. Closed on Thursdays… just my luck. So, I got a single room for tomorrow, and will start late to stop by the shoe store.

Next to the cathedral there is a Gaudi palace. The building is a museum and the architecture is just great. Many little rooms with loads of windows, that bring the displayed art out very nicely.

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