Finisterre – the end and a new beginning

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The last day of this incredible journey… wow, what a strange feeling. I had breakfast with Gabriel and his girl friend. All of us were in this strange mood, happy because of what we have gone through, sad because the end is near.

We took a taxi for a few km, to be able to make it in one day, then we set out to walk the last km of the way. I had to stop for a beer at this wonderful beach I passed… so beautiful.

Out of nowhere from the beach I hear someone calling my name. Floris, walked up from the beach, just when I was preparing to get back on the road. So we had another Cerveza.

We started walking, knowing that of the 8km on the stones that had been guiding us for so long, there was only around 5km left till we would get to our rooms. When we walked out of the woods and saw Finisterre in front of us, it was quite elevating.

We walked down the hill and hit the first bar on that last stretch of beach, that let right to the foot of the town.

We had a wonderful lunch and then took of our shoes and walked the rest of the way by the water. We collected scallops and with every step it began to feel more like a holiday, then a pilgrimage.

After a quick shower and laundry, I met backup with Floris, and we grabbed a few bottles of wine and set out on the last walk of this wonderful journey. Since, unlike Floris, I will not have the time to walk to Muxia, it ends here tonite at the end of the world!

At km 0,0 of the Camino Finisterre. Of a beautiful walk, with loss of tears, tons of sweat, blood, despair, content, confusion, enlightenment, love and sooo much more.

The sound of bagpipes, just like when we walked into Santiago, I am sitting here at this second and last external destination of a trip I have yet to fully understand and process.

So I met Floris and two German girls and we had some wine and food to watch the sun set at the end of the world. Then Jose walked up. We smoked a cigar and gazed into the eternal landscape of the sky kissing the ocean and….

…le soleil qui meurt au Finistère.

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