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Negreira to Olveiroa - To the end of the world

Negreira to Olveiroa

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What a nice morning, but the 33km for the day and the way the right foot was acting up again yesterday, do scare me a bit. I walked for 5km and had breakfast. The Standard Huevos y Bacon y zumo de Naranja and a Coffee.

After this good breakfast, it was another 7km to the next bar, where I waited for Neil to catch up. We walked together for the rest of the day, had another big climb on the way, and finally got to A Punto Olveiroa.

Neil did not get a bed, so I called in the place two km out and he got a room there. We had a burger, some chocolate cake and beers, and he took of.

At dinner we met a nice guy from Brazil, who had gone the whole way camping in his tent, and were then joined by Gabriel and his friend. had a great night and decided to share a taxi for the first couple of km tomorrow to make it in one day, and be able to see the sun set in finisterre!

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