Surgery instead of starting the journey

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Backpack is packed, I am all prepared and ready to go!

But of course, right now nothing seems to just work out. A few weeks ago I noticed a burning pain when ever I had to sneeze. Obviously I did not go to the doctor, I am a man ;(

Only when it got really annoying, I did some reading up and found that it pretty much sounds like an inguinal hernia….

So I finally did go to see the doctor and jackpot…. Surgery was scheduled right away, something like an intestinal infarction is the last thing you want to happen in the middle of nowhere on the Camino…

Interestingly enough, my dog decided the day I went to surgery, that she should also get sick – so that we can recover together…..

So for now I am looking at mid-Oktober to start this journey. So I used this waiting time to put together this little website…

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