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Nàjera - To the end of the world


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I am so happy I did that extra stop in Navarrete. It was a long walk in the sun, and I guess Jörg’s Jesus did not like me 😂

I will try to see a doctor about the foot. Little bit scared that if something is broke, it could cause me to give up. I have noticed that you can really learn to live with the pain it self, even though it does not make it easier.

Today I saw a lot of animals watch the pilgrims pass by. I really would like to know what was going on inside their heads… I did try and ask this cow, but she just looked at me with a look that said: you are the funny one so don’t stare at me 😂

A little bit out of town a “kilometer of Arts” was setup. Felt to me like it was more then 1 km, but maybe I miss read the sign. There were various installations setup at the side of the road.

I was walking alone most of the day, which I really enjoyed. I made a stop for a Radler in a little village and had a pretty good pace.

Getting closer to Nájera, I was greeted by a poem, that I am still trying to get translated.

In town I met Samantha again, who still had real issues with her feet and was taking the Bus. Oscar, the Swedish guy came in a few hours later, and we had nice long conversations that night and will start out together tomorrow.

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