Out of the door. Line on the left. One cross each.

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I could not stop thinking of this Monty Python quote all day 😂

The sun was without mercy, and the pain an omnipotent company. But I felt so alive on this walk. Today I had the pleasure of mostly walking alone, and I was able to really feel inside myself.

I had a tough dream last night. After hearing all these stories along the way from women and men that passed by but left a piece of them behind. Paulines, the Belgian Lady, poking around in my soul, and making me aware of the fear of not being able to provide to my family, and therefore always going in 100%, and many other Camino thoughts made me have a strange dream.

I dreamt I would come home, the house empty and just a note, we had to leave because you can not provide for us anymore. I woke up all wet with night sweats and confused. So I packed my bags, went back on the road.

I walked alone all day, but when I came to into town, I heard an enthusiastic “Hey, Jan”. It was Jake whom I had met just the day before. A 22 year old curly haired sunny boy from California. Who just has this wonderful energy about him, that immediately makes you feel better.

The agony of the pain, and the long day in the sun was immediately lightened. I dropped of my backpack and went outside for a drink.

My Swedish companion Oscar finally caught up and we had a few beers, when Shawn joined us. Shawn was a retired soldier who had served in the us army. He was a year older and such a wonderful man, who never bought into the indoctrination but really had his own way of thinking.

His or just really fit and we had a great time. After a while he opened up, and told me his PTSD and disconnect from feelings, was due to the many people he had “murdered” during his 3 deloyments.

What a wonderful guy and story, how he found his way back to his emotions and into life. Mostly due to his first Camino some years ago.

Sam turned up, and the curly haired bundle of energy Jake joined us. As well as Maggie and her grandfather who were walking the Camino together. Her Grandfather is such a Wunder full man full of energy and and with such a positive attitude. He and his daughter have also been walking the Camino Frances since SJPdP, despite blisters and bruises. I felt so blessed with this company tonight and just hope we will meet again on this exhausting, painful but wonderful Camino!

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