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Der Camino Francés (Französischer Weg) ist die beliebteste der vielen Routen des Jakobsweges. Einem alten Pilgerweg nach Santiago de Compostela. Er beginnt auf der französischen Seite der Pyrenäen und führt weiter durch die spanischen Provinzen Navarra, La Rioja, Castilla Y Leén und Galicien. Bis er dann an der Kirche in Santiago de Compostela endet, oder die Möglichkeit bietet noch weiter bis nach Kap Finisterre zu Pilgern.
Kap Finisterre leitet sich vom lateinischen finis terrae ab, was “Ende der Erde” bedeutet. In der Römerzeit galt dies, da man glaubte es sei der westlichste Punkt der iberischen Halbinsel, als das Ende der Welt. Der westlichste Punkt ist jedoch eigentlich das portugiesische Cabo da Roca…

Der Camino Francés beginnt in dem kleinen französischen Dorf Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port. Von hier aus beginnt die Reise über die Pyrenäen und dann für ca. 800km durch pittoreske Städte, Dörfer und mitten durchs Nirgendwo.

Aufgrund der aktuellen Corona Situation ist es sehr empfehlenswert Unterkünfte für die Nacht im Voraus zu buchen. Dazu hat die Xunta de Galicia eine spezielle Websitezusammengestellt.

Oktober 8

Finisterre – the end and a new beginning

The last day of this incredible journey… wow, what a strange feeling. I had breakfast with Gabriel and his girl friend. All of us were in this strange mood, happy because of what we have gone through, sad because the end is near. We took a taxi for a few…read more

Oktober 7

Negreira to Olveiroa

What a nice morning, but the 33km for the day and the way the right foot was acting up again yesterday, do scare me a bit. I walked for 5km and had breakfast. The Standard Huevos y Bacon y zumo de Naranja and a Coffee. After this good breakfast, it…read more

Oktober 6

Off to Finesterre

So I am off again. 90k to the end of the world. Had a great last night with Martin, whom I will probably meet again in france. But did not get to say goodbye to most of the lovely people I met, but that is also part of the Camino.…read more

Oktober 5

Pilgrims Mass

Ok, the end of a pilgrimage in Santiago is usually marked by going to the pilgrims mass. With Covid restrictions even that became a little quest. I did not know I would have been able to. Get a ticket for mass at the oficina Peregrino where I got my compostela…read more

Oktober 4

Santiago de Compostela

I started at 7am. It was a long and painful walk. I met Pauline, and Kelly on the last 10km. But walked alone till I entered the city. What a feeling! Kelly caught up on the last 2k to the cathedral, and we went singing Ultreia up to the cathedral.…read more

Oktober 3

O Pedrouzo – almost there

Yesterday night There was a new pounding pain originating from a blue and red blister. I was really considering going home, fearing an infection. But when I woke up, I started taping feet and knee, put the Ibuprofen Creme on, took the Tabletts and was on the road again. I…read more

Oktober 2


After dinner in Palas de rei I wanted to go to bed right away, but hunter texted me that he had this story to share and we had to meet up. So we did! So his friend Nathan came all the way from California to surprise him. He tracked him…read more

Oktober 1

Palas de Rei – Singing away the pain.

So today was horrible. The pain was incredible in both feet. When I finally got to the next village 8k out, I met up with my Mexican chicas, Prisciala and Brenda. And some of the others of that crew, I had the spontaneous prayer in 5 languages with. I started…read more

September 30

Less then 100k to go! Portomarín

Today felt special from the start. Even though the pain in my right foot has now reached the level of the worst state of the left foot, I left town excited for this days walk. I left very early, having attended to my feet - tape, silicon pads, cremes… for…read more

September 29

Sarria – the last 100km to Santiago

One of those mornings. One of the roommates in the Albergue decide that 5:30am is the time to turn on the light. And since all 4 ceiling lights were done with separate switches, he turned in the on right above my bed. And I had the top bunk. Yes…. What…read more

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