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Der Camino Francés (Französischer Weg) ist die beliebteste der vielen Routen des Jakobsweges. Einem alten Pilgerweg nach Santiago de Compostela. Er beginnt auf der französischen Seite der Pyrenäen und führt weiter durch die spanischen Provinzen Navarra, La Rioja, Castilla Y Leén und Galicien. Bis er dann an der Kirche in Santiago de Compostela endet, oder die Möglichkeit bietet noch weiter bis nach Kap Finisterre zu Pilgern.
Kap Finisterre leitet sich vom lateinischen finis terrae ab, was „Ende der Erde“ bedeutet. In der Römerzeit galt dies, da man glaubte es sei der westlichste Punkt der iberischen Halbinsel, als das Ende der Welt. Der westlichste Punkt ist jedoch eigentlich das portugiesische Cabo da Roca…

Der Camino Francés beginnt in dem kleinen französischen Dorf Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port. Von hier aus beginnt die Reise über die Pyrenäen und dann für ca. 800km durch pittoreske Städte, Dörfer und mitten durchs Nirgendwo.

Aufgrund der aktuellen Corona Situation ist es sehr empfehlenswert Unterkünfte für die Nacht im Voraus zu buchen. Dazu hat die Xunta de Galicia eine spezielle Websitezusammengestellt.

September 27

O Cebreiro – Galicia

Still not feeling 100% again, I got on the road at 7:30am and had a pretty good pace. It was to early to pass through the door of forgiveness, so I will have to wait for that till Santiago, I guess 😉 I left this wonderful village surrounded by mountains…read more

September 26

Self-mortification after a great night out

I don’t know what happened, but after separate dinners, Hunter and I wanted to go for just a few drinks. And again we closed down every bar, drank all of their cheap Spanish whiskey called dyc, and then ended up in a night club with people half our age. We…read more

September 25

Cruz de Ferro & Car racing in Molinaseca

Wow, what a day. I started out early, to climb that 8km up to 1500m over sea level to the iron cross, the Cruz de Ferro. I started the climb alone, but quickly met Kelly, a Canadian woman I had met at 2 nights ago in the Albergue. We continued…read more

September 24

Rabanal del Camino

Since that outdoor store was closed on Thursdays, I waited till 10:30 till it opened. And they even had shoes in my size! I tried 3 pairs, and decided to go with the low maintenance one of my top 2. the other one was all leather, and this probably not…read more

September 23

Astorga – the mind is stronger then the body

So another 27km stretch done. I noticed, that ever since I found out that I could not permanently damage my foot, I can control the pain much better. It kind of felt like I could tell the foot, whenever it started to act up, to shut it, and carry me…read more

September 22

I’m walkin‘ yes indeed…

And I‘m talkin‘… Left at 7:30am, since Martins bag, that Jacotrans had not picked up yesterday and sent on to Villa de Mazarife was still not picked up. So the lovely lady at the concierges desk called them again. I hope he got his bag no in Astorga where he…read more

September 21

A real rest day

After a long night with my bro Hunter, I sent home the tent, sleeping mat and the old backpack. Went back to the hotel, put my foot on two pillows and stayed in bed for most of the day, till I had another reservation for the Hotel spa. Used the…read more

September 20

New Backpack and x-rays

So today I bought a new backpack, which is a lot lighter than the old one. I was debating this for a while, and today I found that the aluminum frame had poked a hole into the fabric, and It looked like it was not really balanced anymore. After I…read more

September 19

León – Rest day – Spa time

I started the walk to León at 6am. There were only very few other pilgrims out, and it was even colder then yesterday. I got breakfast in the next town, and continued with the sun slowly rising in my back. The second half was tough, and I think I will…read more

September 18

Dancing in the Streets

What a nice Morning. I started my day at around 7am this morning. Still psyched about having reached half way, so strangely also a bit sad that I am now walking a bit closer to the end of this wonderful journey of mind and body experiences. Yes the pain is…read more

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