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After dinner in Palas de rei I wanted to go to bed right away, but hunter texted me that he had this story to share and we had to meet up. So we did!

So his friend Nathan came all the way from California to surprise him. He tracked him down through his wife’s Facebook account, as she told him where he had ist been. Amazingly he got to this small village and found him. Playing an awesome prank on him. So the three of us went out for drinks, and met this crazy but lovely Spanish guy. Apparently he had played for many bands on their Spain concerts, and we had a wild time, trying to understand his Galician Spanish, and him not really understanding any English.

The next morning I took of for a long walk to arzùa. A lot mir pilgrims are on the Camino now. All these 100k pilgrims, that stay in large groups and just chat the whole day through. We always try to stay clear of them, though it is a lot of them now, that you really need to pick up your pace to pass them.

I felt so beat, everything was hurting that I had actually though about sending my backpack ahead. As I was to late the night before, I even thought about taking a taxi, because the pain was so intense.

I did not listen to the snake in my head, but kept on walking, with the burden of my backpack. Around halfway, I got to melide, and since the there was a cold wind blowing and rain was starting, I stopped in the first beer garden. I had some croquettas and beers, and left together with Neil, a Brit I had met a week ago.

Neil and I had a pretty good walking speed and appetite to stop at bars along the way. We made it to town, and I had dinner with Kelly, Libby and her friend. Hunter texted me, when we were about to break it up, so Libby and I waited for Hubter and Nathan. We finished the second bottle of red and since the kitchen in this place had closed, I found them a place on TripAdvisor. I decided to call it a night though, and went to bed.

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