Palas de Rei – Singing away the pain.

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So today was horrible. The pain was incredible in both feet. When I finally got to the next village 8k out, I met up with my Mexican chicas, Prisciala and Brenda. And some of the others of that crew, I had the spontaneous prayer in 5 languages with. I started walking with Priscila and Brenda for a while. Then I went ahead and left them behind for a few km.

They caught back up again, right before the rain started, so we flew to a bar. There we met these horse back riding pilgrims. Not only were they traveling on horse, they were also dressed like they were high nobility. They were definitely a family, and they looked like they came right out of a Spanish telenovela.

When I told Priscilla this, she said that the rest of them had just been saying the same in Spanish. So when Priscilla and I took of, I started telling here the story of the telenovela. Episode by episode, season by season. We got to season 12, where the two main characters went Thelma and Louise style over the cliffs in Finisterra.

We had so much fun that I forgot the pain and we got down to the last 4 km.

At this point, confronted again with hills that really take your last breath, we started singing together. Musicals, pop, rock, anything we could think of. When we got to the last 2km I started the Westside story song: Somewhere. At the part “take my hand..” we took each other by the hand and started to run, singing fron the top of our lungs. We must have ran 200m till reality hit us, understanding, that running with a backpack is not good for your joints and any other pain you already have…..

We went singing till the beginning of town, where she checked in to her place, and I continued on through the town to mine. The pain came back immediately after I dropped her off, so i started singing the Camino hymn, Ultreia…

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