O Pedrouzo – almost there

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Yesterday night There was a new pounding pain originating from a blue and red blister. I was really considering going home, fearing an infection. But when I woke up, I started taping feet and knee, put the Ibuprofen Creme on, took the Tabletts and was on the road again.

I thought I was the last one to leave town, but a few steps into the walk I hear Neil from behind: “aren’t we two lazy bastards.” So we started walking together.

We had a good pace, and went for breakfast 8k into the day. After another 5km, we started to hit every bar for Cerveza or two.

Neil even had to beers in his backpack, so the German and the Brit went down the Camino getting pissed 😂

We had a nice lunch, and made it to O Pedrouzo. Neil decided to walk on, I checked in, showers and went for a beer. I ran into Jose and Idiana, and we found a bar, where we were soon joined by many of the others, including Pauline, Priscilla, Brenda and Francesco.

Some one had an ukulele, and we started to sing. He and I did a German, Italien version of Bella Ciao. We had a lot of fun together, and then split up to get food. I spent the evening with Jose, Idy, Priscilla and Brenda. Good food, loads of wine and great company!

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