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Logroño - To the end of the world


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I left Torres del Río when it was still pitch black, an the stars were lighting my way. The sun startet to rise behind me. I had breakfast a few km after Torres del Río, where a nice local men had setup a stand with hot coffee, orange juice and some fruit to get you started into the day.

The hardest part of the way, so the toughest climbs, I did in the early morning hours. It was such a good decision to start early. When the sun came up, it came with all it’s might.

About half way to Logroño lies the little town of Viana, yet again a picturesque old town, where I got a fresh pan, and set down for to have my now almost traditional pan con queso y chorizo breakfast.

The sun came up with it‘s relentless heat, and the backpack seemed heavier with every step. So I started singing from the top of my lungs. Old German folk songs, Madonna to the Beatles and the stones. I was alone for miles and it really gave me new power to continue the second have in the burning sun. I just finished Bella Ciao in German, when suddenly this guy was right next to me, saying „buen Camino and you have beautiful voice, I have been listening to you and started to sing a long which gave me a lot of strength for these last km…“

That first always moment turned into a nice Camino moment. Showing we share not only the way and dorms, but we also give each other strength, sharing the energy which people who need it along the way. In what ever way, mostly by just being there.

Or for that matter by staying in touch and interested. I still message with Floris, who I met at the beginning everyday. I hope to meet my brother Hunter today in Logroño…

The Camino truly provides, and gives you what you need when you need it.

Passed the county border to Rioja. Looking forward to some nice reds tonite! First thing after checking in to my albergues was treating myself to a big Ice cream ! After those hours in the sun that was soooo good, even the darn brain freeze after eating that lemon ice to fast was welcome 😉

After that I went to a pharmacy to get some more pain meds and stuff for the left foot. That thing is liking me!

Just had a nice calamaris lunch at the church. Just spoke to my bro Hunter, who seems to have had such a great time last nite, he could not really read my texts this morning. So he thought I was still 8km out, after I had sent him a text over three hours ago to get a cold one ready for me. 🙂 love that man! Any way, even with all the pain, the Camino has already given me so much that I will be forever grateful for. Still have to chew on Magarethe‘s wisdom for a while I guess, but that too was the perfect Camino moment. Helping me understand myself, feeling the pain and relife.

Now if my minimal, but big expectation, to get the body back into a normal rhythm with sleep will come, I think I will be the happiest person on earth. Already feel so blessed!

Thank you to all I have met, and to myself for letting me do this!!!!

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