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Carrión de Los condos - To the end of the world

Carrión de Los condos

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Got on the road when it was still dark, and had a good start. I popped the blisters and did not feel them after the first km.

It was a quite walk and I enjoyed the time alone once again. Stan and Jake, the two British kids, decided to do a 42km walk today, why even they could not answer 🙂

The Camino now has a few alternative routes, and it is important to look up which way to take, as some routes even bypass Camino villages, and one might miss there stop. I chose the 2km shorter one to day, staying close to a road and not the nicer route down by the river. I just want to make sure I put my foot through no unnecessary stress.

I had breakfast at a small restaurant where, chicken gees and other animals were running around between the tables. I had a coffee and walked on to a church that another pilgrim said was the nicest on the Camino.

This is we’re I met Dimitri again, who had prepared the tea at Mias in castrojeriz. We said down and reminiscent about the wonderful energy at Mias meditation place.

The rest of the walk I actually had company again, but I really loved that he approached me with the words: “Jan, may I talk to you, I know you like to be alone on the Camino.”. So I let him in on the last km of my walk today. It was not a deep conversation, but it made time pass even quicker and we soon came to Carrión.

As I stopped booking ahead, I immediately went to the Albergue municipal.

This was quite something. I was greet by two very old nuns. They showed me my bed in a building attached directly to the church, which felt like a convent school…

We had a good night with Maggie, Martin, Floris and the others. When we came in the Nuns we’re chasing us to our camas. They came into every room, said goodnight to every one, turned of the lights and left the door open, I suppose so they would hear if any of us were not going to sleep at curfew hour. It was unreal but in a way quite beautiful.

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