How do I book ahead hostels on the way?

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A list of open hostels and how to book them.

A list of Hostels and their status can be found here:

It is recommended to book a hostel ahead of time, since the number of beds is limited. You can find and/or book a hostel using the following Apps/Sites:


During the health crisis, the hostels on the Camino de Santiago can modify their offer of places to adapt to the different regulations, vary their opening date or even remain closed. 
Up-to-date information on these issues can be found in the “Camino de Santiago” mobile phone application:

information of a cultural and practical nature on each of the stages (hostels, monuments, etc.) as well as a complete Pilgrim’s Guide that details what you should know before starting any of the Paths. 

Link to download on the Play Store (Android)

Link to download in App Store (iPhone)

Or on this webpage:
Find a Hostel by name or by city:

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