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How difficult is the Camino de Santiago? - To the end of the world

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How difficult is the Camino de Santiago?

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Category: Camino de Santiago

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Walking the camino can be done by pretty much anyone. But there a some roads leading steep and rural areas, that make them harder then others.

RouteDifficultyStart CityLengthTime required
Camino Frances2/6Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, France783 Km4-5 Weeks
Camino del Norte4/6Irun, Spain815 Km5-6 Weeks
Camino Inglés3/6Ferrol, Spain122 Km5-7 Days
Camino Portugues1/6Porto, Portugal232 Km2 Weeks
Camino Primitivo6/6Oviedo, Spain321 Km3 Weeks
Via de la Plata3/6Sevilla, Spain967 Km6-7 Weeks
Camino a Finisterre1/6Santiago de Compostela, Spain83 Km3-4 Days

* The Camino Finisterre is often used as extension to one of the other routes.

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