Self-mortification after a great night out

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I don’t know what happened, but after separate dinners, Hunter and I wanted to go for just a few drinks. And again we closed down every bar, drank all of their cheap Spanish whiskey called dyc, and then ended up in a night club with people half our age.

We woke up at 10am in the hostel we booked, and were both still pretty knocked out. I immediately packed my bags and took off. What a painful start into the day. I had the worst hangover ever and was crawling down the road.

I got rid of the sandals, that by mow did not have any sole left, and I had been walking on cork. Leaving town was such a torture, and I felt only a slight bit better when I hit a restaurant in the next village and had some lasagne.

Here Floris caught up with me, so we had a nice lunch break and took off together. With Floris usually walking a lot slower then me, we now had pretty much the same pace for the next hours.

After a while my pace increased again, and Floris and I were walking our own Camino again. I picked up quite some speed when I caught up with two girls down the road, and tried to focus on keeping their pace and not my suffering. At this point I had decided, to walk the full stretch, and kind of pinch myself for last nights stupidity.

When one of the girls looked like she bend down in pain, I asked her if she was alright. Soon after we walked together, and I found out the two were sisters from Mexico. We had a good walk at a good pace getting us to Villafranca del Bierzo in what seemed to be no time.

As it was already pretty late, we did not go through the Puerta del Perdón, which is one of the two doors that you can walk through on the Camino to get all your sins forgiven, before you actually get to Santiago.

Even though it was late, I got a bed in the Municipal Albergue and had the whole top floor to myself. I had dinner with the two, and later we were joined by a group of people I had already seen, but not yet met on the Camino. Some one insisted we would pray together, and so we all held hands and they spoke the Lord’s Prayer in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. Now even though this is not really my world, I thought it was a touching gesture and played along. After that it was close to curfew time in the Albergue and I had to leave.

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