New start date Oktober 16th

If nothing else goes bad, I am looking at Oktober 16th as the new start date. By then I should be all healed up and ready to book my train tickets to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Threads have been removed

One step closer. The threads have been pulled from the stitches. Now 4-6 more weeks and I should be as good as new, at least that is what the doc said. Keeping my fingers crossed… Can’t wait to start taking if long walks again.

Pilgrims in the times of Corona

Pilgrims are again possible with restrictions. However, it requires careful preparation and a lot of tolerance. Dear pilgrims, here some information about the spread of the Corona virus. (As of 01.09.2020, the page is updated regularly.) Pilgrims in the times of Corona As pilgrims we want to make pilgrimages, but how does this work in times of Corona? Of course, the general general rules also for pilgrims, also: … Read more – German James Society Original items on

Surgery instead of starting the journey

Backpack is packed, I am all prepared and ready to go! But of course, right now nothing seems to just work out. A few weeks ago I noticed a burning pain when ever I had to sneeze. Obviously I did not go to the doctor, I am a man ;( Only when it got really annoying, I did some reading up and found that it pretty much sounds like an inguinal hernia…. So I finally did go to see the doctor and jackpot…. Surgery was scheduled right away, something like an intestinal infarction is the last thing you want to …